JFRI is a team of professionals that fairly and sincerily supports setting up of a franchisor and promotes franchisees recruitment.

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between 10:00 and 18:00,Monday through Friday, except Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

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Our mission is to build up the strong franchisor and the franchisee as well as to educate and train the personnel who can play an active role in the frontline of the franchise business.

Japanese Franchise Research Inc. (JFRI) is a team of professionals that sincerely provide direction to the franchise and the business.
JFRI consists of 20 professionals including Registered SME Consultants from the Franchise Study Group of Tokyo SME Consultant Association, the lawyers, the Certified Tax Accountants, and the Labor and Social Security Attorney.

JFRI's three promises

  • We consult from a fair, neutral, and unbiased stand point.
  • We thoroughly assist
    the economic growth of
    our clients.
  • We always move into action super conscientiously.

Please feel free to contact us if it concerns the franchise business.

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We strictly comply with confidentiality of the consultation.
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