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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name Japan Franchise Research Institute, Inc.
Establishment April 5, 2012
Management Philosophy
  • We contribute to the society through the business of supporting healthy development of the franchise.
  • We pursue material, psychological happiness for our clients and collaborators.
Directors and Advisers Kyo Ito, Representative Director, Registered SME Consultant
Kimiharu Nishino, Director, Registered SME Consultant
Yuki Yamaoka, director, Registered SME Consultant
Yasuhiro Ikeda, Auditor, Registered SME Consultant
Takashi Kanda, Legal Adviser, Attorney at Law
Tatsuhito Ito, Financial Adviser, Certified Tax Accountant
Address Expert Office Kojimachi, 2-10-3 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0083 Japan
Phone +81(0)3-4405-6161
FAX +81(0)3-6745-3701
URL https://jfri.co.jp
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Nearest Station
“Hanzomon” Station of Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line. Two minutes’ walk from 3a exit to the office.
“Kojimachi” Station of Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line. Four minutes’ walk from 4a exit to the office.


Kyo Ito

Registered SME Consultant

恭 伊藤

Kyo Ito, a graduate in economics of Seikei University, served as president of an event planning and operation company before he turned to be an independent franchise consultant. He is chairman of Franchise Study Group in Tokyo Registered SME Consultant Association as well as a consulting staff for Japan Franchise Association. He has assisted in formulating lots of franchises. He also has given lectures at the Franchise Show which has been organized by Nikkei and has written for franchise magazines and books about the franchise.

Kimiharu Nishino

Registered SME Consultant

公晴 西野

Kimiharu Nishino was born in Ise city of Mie prefecture in 1960 and was a graduate in education of Tokyo Gakugei University. He became independent after working for INTAGE Inc. "To tell the right thing in plain language and to bring out the good to the maximum extent possible" being his mottos, he not only has built franchises but also has supported to make out location diagnosis for commercial facilities, to draw up store opening strategies, and to make business plans. He is a lecturer for Japan Franchise Association's supervisor school and a member of the association.

Yuki Yamaoka

Registered SME Consultant

雄己 山岡

Yuki Yamaoka was born in Matsuyama in 1965. After graduating from Kyoto University's Literature Department, he had worked in Advertising division of Suntry Inc. and became independent in 2002. He supports many aspects of franchise establishment such as making out the business strategy, developing prototypes and developing franchise packaging. He has given lots of lectures including Gurunabi College and Nikkei Franchise Show, and has written articles for Nikkei Report and others. He is also a lecturer for Hosei University's Business School.

Yasuhiro Ikeda

Registered SME Consultant

安弘 池田

Yasuhiro Ikeda was born in Fukuyama, Hiroshima in 1955 and was a graduate in physics of Shimane University. After working for an apparel manufacturer and at the headquarters of convenience stores, he became independent. After serving as president of Francorp Japan, he is currently the head of Ikeda Management Design and a lecturer for Sagami Women's University as well. He specializes in building up the franchise in Japan while he has worked and supported a foreign franchise in introducing franchise package to Japan, Japanese franchise in introducing its package to overseas and franchise's cxpansion to overseas.

Kazuo Ishikawa

Registered SME Consultant

和夫 石川

Kazuo Ishikawa was born in Utsunomiya, Tochigi in 1958. After graduating from the Eonomics department of Hosei University, he worked seven years for 7-Eleven Japan. He, then, was appointed to general manager of a company with three CVS outlets and two Italian restaurants. At present he is mainly active in consulting for human resource development, coaching based communication training, supervisor education, and writing.

Tatsuya Inoue

Registered SME Consultant

竜也 井上

Tatsuya Inoue turned to be independent in 2009 after serving as a merchandiser in Lawson Ltd. For the present time, he is involved in support of start-ups and operation advises mainly for the retail business.

Mika Ohashi

Registered SME Consultant

美香 大橋

Mika Ohashi is a graduate in economics of Shinshu University in 1987. She worked for Ohashi Licensed Tax Accountant Office after serving Matsui Securities Co., Ltd. She became a registered SME Consultant in 1995. She provides her management support and accounting/taxation support for wide range of companies including retailing, restaurant business, and service industries. Regarding franchising she offers marketing related supports mainly for the restaurant business as well as the market research, study, and writing.

Kaneko Atsuhiko

Registered SME Consultant

敦彦 金子

Atsuhiko Kaneko was born in 1974 in Kanagawa. After he worked at a restaurant for waiting on customers, in multiple retail stores for floor management, and in a distributor for sales, he became independent as a retaurant consultant and supports the new outlet development, business plan formulation and guest attraction. He is also engaged in supports for Regional Revitalizaion of the restaurant district in Ginza area.

Masayuki Shibata

Registered SME Consultant

昌行 柴田

Masayuki Shibata is a graduate in education of Kyoto University. After he served as a sales person to a steel manufacturer, he joined Venture Link. As a supervisor, he was in charge of Gyukaku and other REINS International brands and ITTO Private Instruction Schools. Then, he was engaged in consultation for Francorp Japan, of franchise setting up before he went independent. He involves not only in establishing the franchisor, but also in performance improvement of the franchisee.

Hitoshi Takagi

Registered SME Consultant

仁 高木

Hitoshi Takagi, born in 1975, entered a software development company in 1998, and was engaged in the operation/IT consulting after working for software development. He became a registered SME consultant in 2010. He has been involved with the proposal on the franchise development of a beauty salon, and building up franchise foundation for a bus operating company and a day service provider through manual writing. He is also engaged in lectures and writing including a lecture at Nikkei Franchise show and an article for Nikkei Report.

Susumu Takebayashi

Registered SME Consultant

晋 竹林

Susumu Takebayashi is president of Takespace. After graduating from Meiji University, he worked as a sales person in a major food manufacturer and, then, started to get involved in convenience store management. Currently he runs his own rental box shop business while he is a consultant who feels pains of presidents by building on various businesses experience in the past. He is a lecturer of Tokyo SME University as well as Sanno Institute of Management.

Akira Toyoda

Registered SME Consultant

信 豊田

Akira Toyoda was born in 1959. After graduating from Law department of Komazawa University, he worked for three advertising agencies to become independent as a management consultant. "Value creation of people and the enterprise" being his main theme, he is active in supporting the venture businesses, the chain store businesses in the restaurants and retailing, and the alcoholic drinks and food industry. He is a lecturer of Supervisor School of Japan Franchise Association. He is also a manager of National Supporting Net of SME Support Japan and a lecturer of TOKYO SME University.

Yasuo Yamazaki

Registered SME Consultant

泰央 山崎

Yasuo Yamazaki was widely in charge of product development, sales promotion, PR, and the store development in a major bakery chain. After independence, he has supported business start-ups, multiple store development, product development, sales promotion, and development of a business format from the angle of food and store. Recent accomplishments include a western-style cake chain, a coffee shop chain, a pizza shop, a Spanish bar, a doughnut chain, a bakery chain, and a Japanese style pub.

Tetsuhiro Yamashita

Registered SME Consultant

哲博 山下

Tetsuhiro Yamashita was born in Tokyo in 1970 and was a graduate in Business Design Research of Rikkyo University's graduate school. Before going independent, he experienced travel business in a railroad company and an airline company, and worked for an IT venture as well as at the franchisor for used car buy-out business. He is a counseling staff of Japan Franchise Association as well as of a support organization for medium and small size businesses while he gives hands-on support for the franchise in an elderly care business from start-up preparation to sales development through supervisor training. He is also engaged in the market research and writing reports.

Noriko Yo

Registered SME Consultant, Action Learning Coach, Butsuryukanrishi(Logistics Technology Master)

典子 楊

Noriko Yo, born in Fukushima, was a graduate in economics of Rikkyo University. She has been consistently engaged in the management consulting business after graduation: first in a foreign major consulting firm and then in-house consultant in a medical device manufacturer. "Never finish as a 'Pie in the sky' " being a motto, she supports the franchisor "that really works", from drawing up the management strategy through the business process design.

Jun Harada

Registered SME Consultant

純 原田

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