JFRI is a team of professionals that fairly and sincerily supports setting up of a franchisor and promotes franchisees recruitment.

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Service Outline

Comprehensive packaging for franchising

We give comprehensive support to develop a regular shop to a franchise chain.

Buiding up a prototype model.

Making a shop model, the basic form of franchise.

Assisting construction of a franchise package

Developing services which the headquarter offers to a member shop.

Building up a plan of developing franchisees

Making the best strategy to develop franchisees.

Supporting preparations of the tools to develop franchisees.

Preparing tools to convey the prospects the appeal of the franchise.

Supporting law matters

Drafting the franchise agreement, the non-disclosure agreement, and the risk exposure document.


Support to Build an Area Franchise System

Area Franchise is a system that a franchise which has already started the franchise development leaves the franchisor function of the particular area to a certain major corporation in in the area.

The area franchising has advantages for the franchisor such as ① being able to input management resources to core the core business, and ② being able to accelerate the speed of developing franchees.

After closely examining the business contents and management resources, we support to properly divide them into the business of the franchisor and that of the area franchise, and assist in drafting of the reasonable area franchise agreement.


Custom-made education and training

Who Should Attend

We provide training for the person in charge of the franchisee development and the supervisor at the franchisor.

Contents of Training

We build up the training program in accordance with the individual demand of the franchisor. The contents of the training include “Supervisor education and training”, and “Education and training for the person in charge of development to avoid any trouble that may arise”. We also welcome the inquiries about the training period.


Support for Overseas Expansion

We support overseas expansion of the Japanese franchise.

  • On-site research and analysis of laws, trade practices, and political risks
  • Local marketing research
  • Proposal for the best expansion mode such as full ownership of capital, a joint venture company, and the master license agreement.
  • Making a draft of the Master License Agreement
  • Others


Support of overseas brands entering into Japan

We support an overseas brand entering into the Japanese local market.

  • On-site research of the business conditions in the overseas’ local market.
  • Marketing research in Japan on whether the business conditions works out well in the local market.
  • Assisting to make the business plan in Japan.
  • Supporting localization of the business conditions
  • Providing opportunities for matching with the Japanese companies.
  • Drafting the Master License Agreement.



  • Successfully established franchisors for many corporations including five listed companies.
  • Consultation for Japanese eating-out business chains to enter into the Chinese market.
  • Support of a Japanese corporation bringing the fifth largest US hamburger chain into the Japanese market.
  • Assisting a Japanese company to introduce a steakhouse in New York, USA in the Japanese market.
  • Alliances with overseas consulting firms
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